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I'm Paschalis, a Game Developer

I like to create functional and fun experiences with engaging gameplay and features from scratch to production.


Programming, Design, AI, Shader Graph, UI, URP

Turn based board game with futuristic design featuring human input and AI agents acting as individual players who follow rules of game and behave according to different variables to make the best available move.

Key Features

• Developed target driven AI agents with a State Machine who act individually and controlling up to 4 pawns according to the pace and rules of the game.

• Implementation of values system to improve the AI behavior and decision making.

• Gameplay Mechanics such as dice roll mechanism and pawn actions according to the result.

• URP Pipeline.

• Shader Graph/ Materials.

• Design UI(Start and Game Over Menus).

• GUI.

• WebGL.

• Maintaining a Github repository for version control.

• Designing of the game environment.

In Development

• Photon Engine/ Multiplayer.

• Touch controls.

• More gameplay mechanics.

• VFX.

• SFX.

Project Runner

Programming, Enviroment Design, Gameplay Design, VFX, HDRP

Endless runner game with cyberpunk enviroment and graphics with a focus on randomly generated platforms and obstacles to avoid. Build in Unity/C#.

Key Features

• Designed and developed generator for platforms,random obstacles, energy/power up objects and environment.

• Optimisation with recycling system.

• UI such as menus and in-game.

• Local High Score system.

• Animation State Machine and Animator.

• Environment creation with Pro Builder.

• Cinemachine/Cutscene Creation.

• Environment creation and design.

• Version Control/GitHub.

• Shader Graph/ Materials.

• Particle Effects System.

• SFX.

Space Shooter 2D

Programming, Design, 2D Sprite Creation, Scriptable Objects

Top down arcade 2D space shooter with old school arcade vibe and design featuring scrolling background, different kind of enemies and visual effects.Build in Unity 2D in 2D Render Pipeline with C#.

Key Features

• 2D Render Pipeline.

• Created functional code for gameplay mechanics, AI enemy waves spawner, enemies path following utilising Scriptable Objects to store data for the waypoints.

• Designed UI such as menus and in-game UI.

• Graphics design with Post-Processing effects and Shader creation in Shader Graph, Particle effect systems and sprite creation.

• Utilised Unity's New Input System.

In Development

• Currently building for Android.

• Different levels.

• Leaderboards.

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